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Isuzu 4HE1, 4HK1 & 6HK1 engines for GMC W3500, GMC W5500, GMC W6500 for sale
Posted on Friday, July 10, 2015 7:44 AM by admin
We offer brand new Isuzu 4HE1, 4HK1, 6HK1 & 4JJ1 engines for GMC W3500, W4500, W5500 trucks.

Please see a list of Isuzu engines we sell for GMC TRUCKS

1994-1997 GMC W4500, GMC W5500, GMC W3500 3.9 Ltr 4BD2 Engine
1998-2004 GMC W3500, GMC W4500, GMC W5500 4.8Ltr  4HE1 Engine
2005-2014 GMC W3500, GMC W4500, GMC W5500 5.2 Ltr 4HK1 Engine
2007-2015 GMC W3500, GMC W4500, GMC W5500 3.0 Ltr 4JJ1 Engine
1999-2005 GMC W6500, GMC W7500                          7.8 Ltr 6HK1 Engine

All GMC truck engines are similar to engines for Isuzu NPR & NQR. All our Isuzu 4HE1, 4HK1, 4BD2, 4JJ1 & 6HK1 engines are built with precision with brand new components. Our rebuilt engines have brand new Cylinder Head, Cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons, liner, bearings, gaskets, valves, gaskets & Camshaft.

Please read more about Isuzu engines for GMC trucks here :
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